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Jewelers, luxury brands, exceptional eyewear gathered in a new dedicated sector.

Brings together jewellersluxury brands and specialist makers of exclusive frames; showcased within a dedicated display area, these companies utilise the finest materials — gold, silver, horn, wood, precious stones, etc. — to produce truly exceptional eyewear.

A fusion of art and craftsmanship, the Luxury area celebrates know-how and exclusivity and offers a unique insight into brands whose closely aligned market identities highlight the diversity and particular characteristics of the contemporary luxury sector.

Multi-faceted luxury in optics&eyewear sector

Luxury optics and eyewear revolves around four complementary areas:

  • Showcased luxury with aspirational fashion and high-end, mainly couture and designer brands.
  • Pronounced luxury with elitist jewellery brands or car makes, for example. 
  • Confident luxury with exclusive designer and luxury start-up brands. 
  • Internalised luxury with traditional brands of specialised glasses