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For this women-only model, Oxibis® plays with artful combinations and beautifully composed materials.

Perfectly balanced, the purity of metal encounters the richness of acetate for a superbly light and airy feel. The result is a Magnetik frame of striking browbars to highlight the eyes.

Featuring vibrant and translucent colours, bright tortoiseshells, and natural and structured shades, acetate unveils its multiple forms and is paired with metal in matching tones or soft two-colour combinations.

Whether elegant or pop in feel, associations of different colours and shapes (rectangle, round or panto) give each model its very own personality.

The collection also has a special edition: silver or gold metal paired with a black or tortoiseshell acetate in light and fluid lines. The sixties revisited with a dash of modernity!

Magnetik is available in 5 shapes x 5 colours + 2 shapes x 7 colours

Colours available: pink, red, turquoise, yellow, raspberry, turtle-shell, gold, palladium, orange, cristal

Brand : OXIBIS

Stands :

  • 6 F 059



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Born in 1992 in the Jura, where the French eyewear industry originated, Oxibis® has developed in an environment characterized by craftsmanship, creativity and passion. The brand offers products that harmoniously
combine colour and design, with the aim of respecting the wearer.

Each Oxibis® product has its own personality, its own playful touch (trim, hinge, cut and shape), and sometimes its own concept, to make it stand out from the crowd (both aesthetically and technically). What’s more, with a 25-year reputation for its bold yet harmonious colour combinations. Oxibis® perfectly balances the colours, shades, finishes (matt/gloss), materials and shapes of its frames to showcase exciting and unusual colour combinations.

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