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With a stainless steel front and rubber temples, KRONO is designed for men who steer towards sport.


The indexed flex-hinge is an integral part of the frame design, in pure Oxibis tradition.

The temples cleverly combine two types of overmoulded rubber: flexibility and comfort for the first which makes skin contact with the frame more pleasant; and a smooth, rigid appearance for the second to guarantee aesthetic and technical performance.

In terms of shades, KRONO is a two-colour affair with a line of lacquer along the edge of the front or hinge. This lacquer matches the colour of the rubber for a sportswear feel, or subtly enlivens understated temples and frames.

An additional feature on some fronts, slight bevelling at the outer corner of the eye replicates the dynamic line of the temples.

KRONO is available in 5 metal shapes: 2 semi-rimless and 3 rimmed, each available in 5 colours.

Colours available: black, red, grey, charcoal grey, blue, brown

Brand : OXIBIS

Stands :

  • 6 F 059



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Born in 1992 in the Jura, where the French eyewear industry originated, Oxibis® has developed in an environment characterized by craftsmanship, creativity and passion. The brand offers products that harmoniously
combine colour and design, with the aim of respecting the wearer.

Each Oxibis® product has its own personality, its own playful touch (trim, hinge, cut and shape), and sometimes its own concept, to make it stand out from the crowd (both aesthetically and technically). What’s more, with a 25-year reputation for its bold yet harmonious colour combinations. Oxibis® perfectly balances the colours, shades, finishes (matt/gloss), materials and shapes of its frames to showcase exciting and unusual colour combinations.

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